The R.-Desnos pedagogical unit is a specialized primary and secondary school situated inside the university hospital of Rennes (Brittany, France). Its missions are to allow any children after an accident or during a disease to keep in touch with his school and to carry on his learning, in order that the stay in hospital do not led to school difficulties or educational underachievement.

Every year, over 500 children from 4 to 18 are taken in charge by 5 full time specialised primary teachers and 7 part time secondary teachers. The school has its own building inside the hospital and classrooms directly situated inside paediatric care units. The teachers can also work in the children’s hospital rooms when they are isolated for a medical reason or at their home when the children leave the hospital but do not return to school immediately.

The duration of the time spent varies enormously and depends on pathologies : a few weeks for children in a sick children unit, some months in a surgery unit, up to several years for children with severe physical disability.

The R.-Desnos pedagogical unit is the link between the pupils, its family and the previous school. During the child’s stay at hospital, it collects all the documents and information with teachers of his “normal” school in order that the pupil can do the same work as his classmates. Whenever it’s necessary, it organise the return in the ordinary school system with special adaptations or find a new adapted structure.

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Unité d’enseignement Robert Desnos

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35033 Rennes Cedex 9 France

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